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Indifference curve analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Indifference curve analysis - Essay Example The indifference curve is a particular selection of such combinations of goods, from out of the plot area, and all combinations on an indifference curve represent the fact that the consumer derives the same amount of total utility from consumption. Since utility derived from variously combined two goods on an indifference curve is same; the consumer is said to be indifferent between various combinations of two goods and the curve carrying all such combinations is termed as the indifference curve. Normally, with desirable goods on both axes (say, apples and oranges) the curve has a certain shape, further from the origin when both quantities are positive than when one is zero. (Definition,2006)Convexity to the origin of the indifference curves is explained by the fact that as one consumes more of one good its overall utility diminishes and tendencies to replace it with other increase. An example could illustrate this construct: It has been stated above that indifference curve carries mostly hypothetical pairs of goods combination ,amongst which the consumer is indifferent.However,the consumer cannot purchase quite a few of these combinations due to two factors. One is the prices of the two goods and the other is his income or budget available for expenditure on these two goods. Budget is an unalterable constraint while prices can be taken care of by moving from one good to the other. Continuing with the example above, suppose each apple was priced at $2 and each orange at $2.5 and given the fact that the consumer had an unalterable budget allocated for purchasing these two goods at $ 50 we observe that the consumer could either purchase 25 apples and no oranges or 20 oranges and no apples in two situations of exhausting the entire budget. However in neither of these situations the consumer maximizes his utility as he is away from his indifference curve despite exhausting his budget. In fact these two point s represent the two extremes of the budget line and lie on the horizontal and vertical axes respectively. In the figure below the line formed by joining the points (0, 20) and (25, 0) is the budget line. Budget line forms a triangular area with the two axes. This triangular area is the area of feasible purchases. The budget line, and everything inside it, is called the "feasible set" or the "consumption opportunity set."(Modern,2006).All combinations of apples and oranges plotted in this triangular area can be purchased from out of the given budget. This area is depicted by red lines. All goods combinations falling out of this triangular area cannot be purchased as they would not fit in with the budget constraint. This are is depicted with blue lines.Thus budget line narrows down the choice available to the consumer. In case the consumer increases his budget for the two goods across the board (say consequent to

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ECommerce Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

ECommerce - Dissertation Example The second part will develop e-marketing strategies for the organization illustrating the best fit and marketing mix for the organization. The third part would find solution projected at the problems faced and thereby design and develop the strategies highlighted. The next part of the report would consider the budget for the projects and subsequent allocations. Lastly, legal and ethical issues related to the projected are also required to be given importance. Identification of Problems and Prioritization This part of the report discussed the problems that are currently being faced by the company and that would be faced in the setup and implementation of the new center in Birmingham. The IT Academy in its new center intends to open systems wherein they could offer on-line course enrolment and the prospective students could pay the fees online. They need to develop and highly efficient enquiry and student query system that addresses the queries if the student and that had an in-build F AQ section to address frequently asked questions by the students. An uploading and downloading system needs to be developed online at the company website wherein teachers and staff could upload their notes and assignment and students could upload their papers and download notes uploaded. IT Academy for promoting its newly set campus also needs appropriate e-Marketing strategies to continuously promote the academy and the courses offered by it. The e-Marketing techniques when implemented should reflect the strong brand name of the academy and its fundamental power of delivering student courses. The company, at some point of time in future also intends to use advanced technology for delivering its courses to the students. It intends to deliver live lectures with the help of wireless networks so that it could deliver lectures globally at any point of time. This will help the academy to build its brand presence globally and irrespective of the location of the student. But as discussed e arlier, for all this to happen IT academy needs to revamp its network with the help of e-commerce technologies and advertise with the help of e-marketing strategies. For solving the problems and meeting the requirements intended by the academy a proper prioritization plan is required by the company. The prioritizations plan describes how the problem solving approach would be determined and which problem is primary and would be solved first. Prioritization of activities is done primarily on the basis of priority of requirements and linking of activities. In my report developing a proper ecommerce model which is linked to the business model of the IT academy is the prior activity. This is because every other activity is basically linked to the success of this activity. This would act as a base of offering on-line courses and also payment of feed online. This will also build an online system that could handle online queries of the student. Also, based on the effectiveness of ecommerce of IT Academy successful e-marketing strategies could be implemented. So revamping of the e-commerce technology in IT Academic will be priority in my report. E-marketing Strategies After

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The Christian Faith Is Intrinsically Missionary Religion Essay

The Christian Faith Is Intrinsically Missionary Religion Essay David Bosch in his book Transforming Mission makes the point that The Christian faith, I submit, is intrinsically missionaryà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ this dimension of the Christian faith is not an optional task: Christianity is missionary by its very nature or it denies its very raison detre  [1]  . The author makes us understand as Christian Youth workers it is a fundamental requirement of our belief for us to engage in the mission of God by been a witness to the world. Gods mission which he gave to us in Matthew 28 known as the great commission must be the key and driving force behind the work we do with our young people. As youth workers we need to be aware that in order to fulfil the great commission we need to develop ourselves biblically and have a passion to evangelise every young people in our local community as well as the whole world. Bosch stated that There is church because there is mission and not vice versa.  [2]  Through its nature and vocation, the church is a missionary community; hence mission is intrinsic to the very life and calling of the church. Moltmann also argues in support of Bosch that Mission does not come from the church; it is from mission that the church has to be understood.  [3]  Hence our youth club or group exist due to Gods wider mission. Our youth group needs to understand that we are called to be the agent of Gods missionary task in whatever community we find ourselves and as quoted by Bosch God is a miss ionary God, Gods people are a missionary people.  [4]  Folmsbee also argues in support of Bosch that Mission is an attribute of God thats best understood from Gods narrative. God is a missionary God, and therefore mission must be seen as Gods movement into the world. Thats the exact opposite of how its often viewed, which is that mission is the primary activity of the church.  [5]  In order to sustain their faith in the mission and in Gods work, those in the ministry believe that the mission work belongs to God and that they are simply his instruments working in the world. In order to discuss how the evangelistic task directed at young people fits into Gods wider mission, we need to have a clear understanding of what mission is using Bosch as the main reference point by unpacking his quote The Christian faith is intrinsically missionary. This essay will be looking at a variety of sources drawn from the Bible and Christian literature to establish what is Gods wider mission, how we can tailor our assignment toward the young people using Christ ministry as the model for our outreach programme in the Christian youth work. What is Mission? Bosch stated the term mission assumes a sender, a person or persons sent by the sender, those to whom one is sent, and an assignment.  [6]  In the book of John 20: 21, we see the missionary mandate of Jesus which he passed to his own disciple As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.  [7]  Christianity has always been an evangelical religion, where believer go out into the wider world and spread the message of the Gospel in order to bring all of humanity into the kingdom of Heaven. Ever since the fall, Gods mission on earth is to return a fallen mankind to his presence, fully redeemed. Thus, He sent Jesus to earth to minister to the people before being sacrificed for the sins of the world. In the word of Bosch while citing the work of Herings, mission is, quite simply, the participation of Christians in the liberating mission of Jesus, wagering on a future that verifiable experience seems to belie. It is the good news of Gods love, incarnated in the witnes s of a community, for the sake of the world.  [8]  Frost Hirsch supported Boschs argument by stating we will see the church differently no longer as a religious institution but as a community of Jesus followers devoted to participating in his mission.  [9]  As youth worker we need to begin to see our work with the young people as us participating in the mission of God by fulfilling the work of reconciliation and restoration of all creation back to Him and also bringing hope to the world. Any aim different from this thus means that God is not at the centre of our mission but us trying to do our own agenda. It is okay for youth workers to have an agenda but the sole purpose must be for our young people to encounter the good news, Booker writes we need à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦to try to connect our missions with Gods agenda and activity in mission  [10]  . It is very vital that as youth workers that we are very clear about what the mission of God is all about before we engage the yo ung people in it. Bosch referring to Aagaard writes Mission was understood as being derived from the very nature of God. It was thus put in the context of the doctrine of the Trinity, not ecclesiology or soteriology. The classical doctrine on the mission Dei as God the Father sending the Son, and God the Father and the Son sending the Spirit was expanded to include yet another movement: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit sending the church into the world.  [11]  Hirsch Frost argues that we need to à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦through the paradigm of the mission Dei to find the sent and sending God.  [12]  As part of the evangelistic task, youth workers need to beginning to help the young people find God through Jesus in the work that they do with them, through the teaching, worship, prayer and all our activities. A classic example that the youth worker can use will be the Lords prayer in Matthew 6 vs 9 -13, Jesus taught his disciple how to see the father through the model of prayer. In the pluralistic society there is a need to get the young people to believe in the word of God. However, in an age of rising secularism, the current focus of the youth worker is to reach out to the young people before they completely form a secular/humanist belief system or get taken in by other faiths in their search for meaning. Youth worker need to help the young person to know how to belong in order to get a taster of the relationship with Jesus because in belonging they encounter God which is the whole purpose of the mission Dei.  [13]   The Christian mission is about incarnation and crucifixion, and they both go hand in hand. Incarnation is about meeting people were they are with the gospel of the cross. God showed us the example to follow when he sent his Son into the world to pay the price for our sin. The gospel of John chapter 1:14 states The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth  [14]  Hirsch stated if Gods central way of reaching his world was to incarnate himself in Jesus, then our way of reaching the world should likewise be incarnational  [15]  As youth workers, we need to begin to identify with the young people we are working with or trying to reach by moving into their world so that we are able to clearly see their challenges and struggles in order to know how to effectively direct our missional task of reaching them for God. Frost argues that we must take seriously the call to live incarnationally-right up close, near to those whom God desires to redeem.  [16]  This was further argued by Hirsch(s) that as youth worker we need to move out of our normal religious zones into our local community and be part of it, this may mean going into the school or anywhere were the young people gathers and guide them to find the redeeming grace of God.  [17]  As stated by Dave Newton, we need to get alongside young people and their needs in order to demonstrate Gods love.  [18]  The youth workers will work with them rather than work for them in their journey of making a decision regarding faith. According to Bosch, The churches, by and large have an underdeveloped theology of the incarnation [while] the churches of the east have always taken the incarnation more seriously  [19]  mission Dei has now been submerged under the liberation theology. The liberation theology is about the people to the structure while incarnation theology is for both the unique message of Christ and the messenger to be incarnated within the culture being reached. Paul summarise the incarnational message in 1 Corinthian 9: 19-23 that for the sake of the gospel he will become all things to every tribe, people or culture as long as he is able to win as many as possible. Graham Cray writes Youth ministry has become a matter of cross-cultural mission. It involves entering into the young peoples world and honouring them by taking it as seriously as they do.  [20]  As youth workers, we need to be creative and imaginative in our missionary work amongst the young people, in the way we present the message of the cross to them; we need to help them to find Christ [were they are] and equip them to be agents of his kingdom.  [21]  The whole message of the New Testament is Christ making an effect on humanity through the redemptive power of redemption. John 3:16 show us how the ever giving God through incarnation brought Christ out to the whole world. In summary, Incarnational ministry essentially mea ns taking the church to the people, rather than bringing people to the church.  [22]  We dont have to do church the way we have always done it  [23]  , youth workers needs to take the gospel to the place where our young people are based in our local community [most especially in the current changing trend in youth culture] that is church needs to be done inside out as the previous trend of let them come to us will not work with the current culture. Mission as Evangelism is essential for creating communities of believers. Bosch gives a good definition of evangelism when he writes Mission includes evangelism as one of its essential dimensions. Evangelism is the proclamation of salvation in Christ to those who do not believe in him, calling them to repentance and conversion, announcing forgiveness of sin, and inviting them to become living members of Christs earthly community and to begin a life of service to others in the power of the Holy Spirit  [24]  25Paul, in his ministry, ensured that the new Christian community would have a solid ethical and moral framework for making decisions. In a world where religious competition was extremely high (with the large number of pagan cults), a theological framework was absolutely necessary to spread the Christian faith that way, parents could be the first to evangelize their young people and pass a complete model of faith downward through the generations. It is possible that such a com plete framework led to the eventual dominance of Christianity in Europe and its endurance in modern times when there was no longer any threat of convert or be killed and pagans are no longer burned at the stake. The thoroughness of Pauls mission practice is that he was not content merely with evangelism and church planting but was concerned to build mature communities of believers who could think biblically through the ethical issues they faced in the ambient culture.  [26]  Bosch was very clear when he said that Evangelism is only possible when the community that evangelizes is a radiant manifestation of the Christian faith and exhibits an attractive lifestyle.  [27]  Our youth people do not just want to hear words from us but wants to see us live out our lifestyle in a way that attracts them to the faith we are proclaiming. James 2 verse 18 But someone will say, You have faith; I have deeds. Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.  [2 8]   Youth workers need to understand that for their missionary task towards the young people to have impact, relationships must be developed amongst the young people. Jesus our role model kept reminding us of the relationship he had with his own Father, the whole of his ministry on earth flowed from this relationship with the people he encounter (Christians and non Christians alike) as well as his disciples. The whole of the New Testament shows us that relationship is very important in our mission to impact the life of our neighbours and to reconcile the broken relationship with the Father. Sudworth et al citing Mike Breen writes, Relationships are the only means we have of enabling and encouraging young people to reach maturity in their physical, emotional, social and spiritual lives.  [29]  Youth workers need create an environment or community where they could practice the presence right under the young peoples noses; we need to look for ways to make God present for the young peopl e we are serving. Hirsh made us understand presence highlights the role of relationships in mission. If relationship is the key means in the transfer of the gospel, then it simply means we are going to have to be directly present to the people in our circle. Our very lives are our message and we cannot take ourselves out of the equation of mission.  [30]   The kingdom of God was central to Christ wider mission. Word Count: 5438

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Hildegard of Bingen Life and Music Essay

Hildegard was born in 1098 to a noble German family at Bermersheim, south of Mainz. According to Hildegard’s biography, her parents offered her as the youngest often children to God as a tithe. Hildegard of Bingen was born in 1098 on her parent’s estate near Alzey in Rhenish Hesse. She was the tenth and last child of the noble couple Hildebert and Mechtild of Bermersheim. Seven of her brothers and sisters are known by name. In 1106, when she was eight years old, her parents consecrated her to God, entrusting her to Jutta of Spanheim, who was living as a hermit at the Benedictine monastery at Disibodenbeg. The monk Volmar, who became Hildegard’s personal friend and amanuensis, saw to her later education. Between 1112 and 1115, Hildegard professed her vows as a Benedictine nun. â€Å"As Jutta’s spiritual flume grew, a religious community for women led by the recluse was established; upon Jutta’s death in 1136, Hildegard was elected head of the community† . In 1141, at the age of forty-two years and seven months, Hildegard heard a voice from heaven that directed her to record the visions she had experienced since early childhood. At first reluctant, Hildegard finally acquiesced to the bidding of the Living Light . â€Å"As her writings became well known, Hildegard developed a reputation as a prophetess and healer. However, her prophetic ability did not manifest itself in predictions of the future but rather in an understanding and interpretation of contemporary events† . Five years later, in 1141, through an especially brilliant vision, she received the divine command to write down her visions. Just as on previous occasions. she resisted, became ill, and recovered only when she began to record her visions. Her hesitation was rooted in her strong critical views of charlatans. Pope Eugenius III. aware of the written account and on the recommendation of Bernard of Claivaux, read the first part of her Scivias before the Synod of Trier (1147—49). At the same time, he sent a papal commission to Disibodenberg to study the authenticity of Hildegard’s visions. When he became certain of her genuineness, the Pope gave the Church’s approval in a letter and encouraged Hildegard to continue her writing. In addition to her spiritual duties, Hildegard was engaged in the secular events of her day. She corresponded with temporal and religious Ieaders, providing advice and urging reform. Although Frederick I Barbarossa had invited her to his imperial palace at Ingeiheim, Hildegard later admonished the emperor because of his support of three anti-popes. Nonetheless, she obtained letters of protection from Frederick that saved the Rupertsberg community when fighting broke out between imperial troops and those loyal to the Pope. Hildegard undertook three preaching tours between 1158 and 1163 and a final one in 1170—1171; her travels took her to cathedral cries and monastic communities along the Upper and Lower Rhine as well as to more distant venues like Wikrzburg and Bamberg. The purpose of the tours was to promote monastic and clerical reform and to combat heretical sects, in particular the Cathars. As the Benedictine abbess’s reputation grew, the Rupertsberg communitv flourished. With the increased number of residents, a second community to accommodate young women of a less noble background was established in 1165 across the Rhine River near Eibingen. Because Hildegard intervened to bury a man who purportedly had died excommunicated, the Eibingen and Ruperrsberg communities were placed under interdict in 1178, unable to hear Mass, receive the Eucharist, or sing the Divine Office. The matter was resolved and the interdict lifted just six months before the abbess’s death on September 17, 1179 . From 1112 to 1182, Hildegard went through a life of nunnery and composers. At first, her piece has been directed towards the religious angles of Benedictines, mainly sung, and utilized in churches to which she had served. However, by 1182, the trigger of her success in the field of music has soared massively through her several compositions that proved of value. The fame of her scores had eventually reached and influence the current time; however, questions lie, such as how did her fame started? How and what are the influences provided by her compositions? Lastly, how was this look upon during her times as well as the present musical field?

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A Brief Note On Diabetes And Non Hispanic Blacks - 861 Words

Diabetes, which is also known as diabetes mellitus, is described as a group of metabolic diseases where a person has high blood glucose. This is caused by insulin production becoming inadequate (MacGill, 2015). In the United States alone almost 30 million adults and children have diabetes with around 86 million having prediabetes. This leading it to be one of the primary causes of death for 69,071 Americans each year. Studies show that Hispanics and Non Hispanic Blacks are at a higher risk of becoming diabetic compared to other races such as Asian Americans, Central and Southern Americans, and Cubans. Although you may not know if you are among the millions Americans that have diabetes there are signs you can look out for that may help you find out. Some of the symptoms of diabetes consist of blurry vision, feeling tired, weight loss, frequent urination and increased thirst and hunger. Also you may need to look out for scrapes and bruises healing slowly and tingling or numbness in lim bs, or you may have no symptoms at all. If any of these signs are detected then its best if the doctor is contacted immediately as to avoid any serious threats caused by this disease. Diabetes can be easily tested by a sample of blood and a little bit of lab work monitoring a change in glucose levels. There are two different types of diabetes. There is type 1 where there is little to no insulin, which would require a daily intake and this is normally found in children and young adults, but canShow MoreRelatedHigh School Graduation Rates in California and the United States Based on Race and Ethnicity 1379 Words   |  6 PagesBetween 1990 and 2012, high school graduation rates in 25-29-year-olds have increased from 86 to 90 percent; this overall national rise is reflected in each of the ethnicities, White, Hispanic, Black, and Asian/Pacific Islander (National Center for Education Statistics [NCES], 2013a). Prior to 2012, nationwide standardized objective measures did not exist for measuring four-year high school graduation rates; tracking educational progress varied from state to state. Thus, state education data collectedRead MoreJunk Food10479 Words   |  42 PagesU.S. children born in 2000 is expected to get diabetes in their lifetime.2 CDC, National Center for Health Statistics, Prevalence of Overweight Among Children and Adolescents: United States, 1999-2002, available at products/pubs/pubd/hestats/ overwght99.htm CDC, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Diabetes Public Health Resource, CDC Statements on Diabetes Issues, docs/lifetime.htm 2 1 9 Fighting JunkRead MoreLipoprotein A Essay9440 Words   |  38 Pagesformation of the disulphide bond between apo(a)Cys4057 and apoBCys4326(7). Experiments showing that lysine analogues break down lipoprotein A assembly suggest that lysine binding domains in apo(a) and lysine residues in apo are involved in the primary non-covalent interaction.15. Mutagenesis studies show defective Lp(a) assembly after the removal of lysine binding sites in apo(a) KIV types 6–8 providing further evidence. A recent study of single point mutations introduced into the lysine binding sitesRead MorePediatric Nursing Study Guide -- Covering Communicable Diseases/ Blood Disorders/Childhood Cancers/Integumentary5211 Words   |  21 Pagesvaccination * Passive immunity naturally acquired – * Passive immunity artificially acquired -- c. Childhood communicable diseases Viral Exanthems (w/ rashes) * Roseola – (6mo – 3yr of age) from page 1061 and notes (Ch 38) * (Exanthem Subitum) * Agent: Human herpesvirus 6 * Source: Unknown – possibly from saliva of healthy adult; entry via nasal, buccal or conjunctival mucosa * Incubation period: 5-15 days * Communicable: Febrile period Read MoreMedical Test with Answers Essay example16933 Words   |  68 Pagesbest identifies factors that contribute to the formulation of the nursing diagnosis. (A and B) are medical classifications for a clients weight. Although the client is at an increased risk for several chronic illnesses (D), such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary artery disease and hyperlipidemia, this is not a contributing cause or related factor that supports the nursing diagnosis. Category: Fundamentals  ¶ The nurse is caring for a client who is the daughter of a local politicianRead MoreComprehensive 1 Essay18452 Words   |  74 Pagesbest identifies factors that contribute to the formulation of the nursing diagnosis. (A and B) are medical classifications for a clients weight. Although the client is at an increased risk for several chronic illnesses (D), such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary artery disease and hyperlipidemia, this is not a contributing cause or related factor that supports the nursing diagnosis.  Ã‚  Category:   Fundamentals Awarded 1.0 points out of 1.0 possible points. M. 23.ID: 310962713Read MoreCoco Cola18335 Words   |  74 Pages[8]  Some nutritionists also caution against consumption of high fructose corn syrup because of possible links to  obesity  and  diabetes.[9] This causes problems with Coke s distribution and bottling network, because specific franchise districts are guaranteed an exclusive market area for Coke products. Mexican-made Coca-Cola may often be found for sale in stores catering to the Hispanic immigrant community.  Kosher  for  Passover  Coke is also made with cane sugar, rather than corn syrup, due to the specialRead MoreChipotle18199 Words   |  73 Pagesacross the world. In the case of Chipotle, the company is well position to continue to grow and make profit given current consumer trends. Hispanic flavors on food have grown up 9% in recent years due to statistics on Hispanic population being one of the fastest growing. Companies in the restaurant sector are more interested on using the various flavors Hispanic/Latin cuisine has to offer to meet the growing demand. Moreover, the increasing trend towards healthier eating has helped Chipotle earnRead Morepreschool Essay46149 Words   |  185 PagesAssociation of California (IDA) Learning Disabilities Association of California Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP) Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) Migrant Education Even Start (MEES) Migrant Head Start National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Packard Foundation Children, Families, and Communities Program Preschool California Professional Association for Childhood Education (PACE) Special Education Local PlanRead MoreNursing Essay41677 Words   |  167 Pagesareas of acute care, care in the community, and education; Appendix D contains the consensus model for advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) regulation that is referenced in Chapter 3 and in recommendation 1 in Chapter 7; and Appendix E provides a brief description of undergraduate nursing education in the United States. Appendixes F−J are not printed in this report but can be found on the CDROM in the back of this book and contain papers commissioned by the committee on the following topics: matching

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Media Representation in Lgbt - 1343 Words

Media and its representation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual (LGBT) themes has been prevalent throughout time. According to the collections of studies and stories by Meem, Mitchell and Jonathan (2010) concerning LGBT individuals, it is important to represent such themes because it is able to enlighten people on how our society as a whole, has become dynamic. The Media can be seen as a â€Å"central source† where negative perceptions can be created. As a result, stereotypes can be either created or perpetuated about this group, negative or otherwise. Media as a medium, therefore, is an extremely powerful tool in our society, and can be used to change or create people s perceptions about this particular segment of our world (LGBT).†¦show more content†¦For example, a gay male may not be welcomed in a party due to his sexual orientation. It is only a question of ethics. Homosexuals are also put as either victims or villains in movies. They are depicted as belong ing to a weird or foreign culture that cannot be tolerated. It is rare to have a movie that has the main character being gay or lesbian. If a girl begins to demonstrate some signs of male characteristics, she is referred to as a ‘tom-boy’. It is like a taboo to show such kinds of signs in a girl. On the other hand, if a male does not have masculine features, he is seen as an outcast. All of these perceptions are obtained from the media, and especially televisions and movies. According to Mehta and Hay (2005), media houses have for a long time helped to construct and reinforce stereotypical ideas about masculinity and men. From what is portrayed in the media, it is possible for people to dismiss others on the basis of whether they have masculinity or are feminine (Ferrey, 2008). Televisions and movies through their visual effects help define ‘a real man’. During advertisements, there are some particular aspects of man that are portrayed. A man who fails to have certain forms of male features may not be shown on TV or may not be considered for a film (Cohen amp; Hall, 2009). Moreover, the marketing companies have started to objectifying men in the same manner women have been objectified. The fitness of aShow MoreRelatedStop Burying My Gays 806 Words   |  4 Pageswanting to die? (Thomas)†, as they discussed the depictions of the LGBT community in media. â€Å"Your story ends in tears or it ends in death.† (Thomas). Media that shows positive representation for the LGBT community should be valued and encouraged in order to increase the amount of media that does have positive representation and to also decrease the harms done to the community through bad representation. The phenomenon of members of LGBT characters meeting a tragic end is not a new event. It’s wellRead MoreThe Rights Code Of The United States1355 Words   |  6 PagesEver since 1965 when Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau said the historic words: â€Å"the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation,† Canada has been steadily increasing its acceptance of the LGBT+ community. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, with the plus extending to those who are intersex and anyone who does not identify as straight (having sexual and/or romantic attraction to another gender) or cisgender (having one’s gender identity match the one in which they were assignedRead MoreA Review Of Gaming s Lgbt Representation1115 Words   |  5 PagesA Review of Gaming’s LGBT Representation â€Å"In Qunandar, Krem would be an Aqun-Athlok. That’s what we call someone born one gender but living like another,† says The Iron Bull. â€Å"And Qunari don’t treat those Aqun people any differently than a real man?† Krem asks. â€Å"They are real men. Just like you are.† The Iron Bull finishes. Above is a conversation between two characters in Bioware’s 2014 smash hit RPG, Dragon Age Inquisition. This conversation took the transgendered community by storm. Krem, second-in-commandRead MorePrejudice On The Basis Of Race, Gender, And Sexual Orientation976 Words   |  4 Pagesprominent aspect of any society. As the media is a reflection of the society in which it exists, it can be assumed that such prejudiced ideals will be represented in it. Whether or not the media is racist, sexist and homophobic is a controversial topic as every individual member of society has a differing opinion on the matter, usually on account of their own race, etc, and their experiences with discrimination. In order to discern whether or not the media is prejudiced, further research will beRead MoreThe Lgbt Of Lesbian And Gay Youth1469 Words   |  6 Pagescommit suicide, rather than their straight peer counterparts? There are a vast number of lifestyles that thrive in the world today, howe ver, one is hit with numerous setbacks daily. This lifestyle is society is the LGBT+ community, that is gaining recognition at a fast rate. The LGBT+ community has begun to speak out more about injustices that are put into place to stop the progress that has been going on for a while. This comes in the form of bullying those who accept this lifestyle at a young ageRead MoreGay, Lesbian, Bisexual, And Transgendered1470 Words   |  6 PagesBisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) remained largely silent and unseen in American culture until after the second World War. Prior to the World Wars, many LGBT identifying Americans hid their sexual orientation out of fear and shame. Individuals who identified as LGBT were never widely accepted and would always be discriminated against. The Homosexual â€Å"lifestyle† was portrayed as a threat to American Society and was always thought as to be morally wrong. Today, the LGBT community has surpassed manyRead MoreHow the Media has Influenced P eoples Thoughts on homosexuality1410 Words   |  6 PagesEscaping the vast amounts of theories, viewpoints, and well written slants of the media is almost impossible for the common American citizens. America’s perceptions of the entire demographic has the capability of significant influence due broadcasts of various sorts. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community, or commonly referred to as LBGT, has been a core group fear, scrutiny, and confusion within the reports of varied mediums of exposure since as early as the 1950s. The highly convincingRead MoreLgbt Subculture Of The Lgbt Movement1390 Words   |  6 PagesHow does this picture represent LGBT subculture in order to express the stereotypes they have faced, how far the movement has come in America, and how they continue to support the movement? The LGBT movement has been fighting for rights over the last century across the world. Members of this community have come a long way from where they started. Ho wever, stereotypes and ridicule are still pinned against these individuals that form the minority subculture of the LGBT movement. Despite the prejudiceRead MoreEssay Museum Sterotypes697 Words   |  3 Pagespublic shares knowledge and gains understanding about the experiences of others at the click of a mouse. The Internet, digital media, video games, content sharing, and social networking enhance and create new methods of learning. Regrettably, museums – the giants of knowledge – have fallen behind in regard to inclusiveness, technological innovation, and representation of diverse experiences. Museums hold great power in shaping educational curriculum and public dialogue nationwide. If they failRead MoreLaws Affecting The Agency Of The United States Postal Service1485 Words   |  6 PagesService has had quite a few court cases, while many of them relate to ethical and discriminatory issues. Individuals have felt that the Postal Service sometimes judge applic ants or workers by their lifestyle or ethnicity. This in turn shows bad representation of personnel management. One case that shows proof of this is the United States Postal Service v. Aikens. Harold Aikens, who was a black employee of the USPS, opened a case against his job being that he felt he was not receiving promotions because

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Personal Experience Reflection Paper - 1417 Words

Minecraft Username: Joiined Age: 14 in September Previous Experience: This is going to be my weakest point, but I believe that I have to get more experience somewhere, so here it goes! (Keep in mind, I don’t have any proof for any of these, but I hope you can trust me!) FearPvP - Moderator (My name was ClickRaids back then) [2 years ago]- Player base was around 100-300 players before the new owners when I was staff - This was a factions server. It had a decent player base and gave me most of the experience I have today. I started as a helper, so my role was to help players in chat, and get trusted within the community. When I got promoted to moderator, this is where all my experience came to life. I learned to screen share and I†¦show more content†¦It was a challenge to communicate with them properly, but I still overcame it and became more professional with this experience. Small Servers - Unknown [Span of 3 years to 1 year ago] - I staffed on a few small servers here and then. These player bases varied from 5 players to 10 players. I didn’t want to bring specifics because this isn’t really too important. Small servers are where my experience began to mold for me to moderate on more bulky sized servers. Twitch Channel - Chat Mod - Viewers Via Stream was about 50 - This taught me some things about moderating any type of chat. I was moderating my friend s channel and the chat was quite toxic. The things I did there plugged in a few things that I can use while moderating a chat. Timezone and Country: EST (Eastern Standard Time) United States of America Estimated Schedule: I am currently on summer break so this is my current schedule Monday-Friday 12:00 P.M - 11:00 P.M Saturday-Sunday 12:00 P.M - 1:00 A.M Out of Summer Break Monday-Friday 4:30 P.M - 12:30 A.M Saturday-Sunday 12:00 P.M - 12:00 AM Skills and Reasons: I have multifarious skills and reasons to offer to the server. Languages I feel like I can help out with screen sharing with a greater extent because if there is an individual that is hacking and needs a screen share and doesn’t speak English, but Spanish, I can help with that! I speak both English and Spanish fluently. Although I speak SpanishShow MoreRelatedSample Reflection Assignments1243 Words   |  5 Pages195/295) INSTRUCTOR: Richard Schramm Written assignments are of two types: Reflections and Project Reports. Reflections: An essential element for student learning in service-learning courses is written and oral reflections on the field study experience, as well as on other elements of the course. To have an experience isn’t enough to ensure learning; you need to intentionally and thoughtfully reflect upon the experience and what you learned from it to ensure that learning occurs. As T.S. EliotRead MoreReflective Writing1241 Words   |  5 PagesHow do I . . . Write a Reflection? Why reflective writing? Reflection offers you the opportunity to consider how your personal experiences and observations shape your thinking and your acceptance of new ideas. Professors often ask students to write reading reflections. They do this to encourage you to explore your own ideas about a text, to express your opinion rather than summarise the opinions of others. Reflective writing can help you to improve your analytical skills because it requiresRead MoreThe Performance Of Blood Glucose Level Essay1315 Words   |  6 Pages This paper will look at the performance of blood glucose level (BGL) tests which was carried out during the clinical intensive workshops. This paper will firstly explore and discuss the value and importance of personal reflection in nursing in a health care setting and how personal reflection is a key component in the learning processes of an individual and how it improves skills. Secondly, this paper will identify blood glucose levels and reflect on how I felt I performed this skill during theRead MorePersonal Development and Learning Essay example897 Words   |  4 PagesThe Personal Development Reflective Essay Assignment The reflective essay will become the primary component of the senior portfolio a few years from now, but the process begins here in PDP 150 as students learn to apply their new reflective skills in developing of an effective portfolio. The reflective essay provides the opportunity to describe and document one’s growth as a person during this time in a student’s life, and the key to understanding the task is to emphasize the term â€Å"reflectiveRead MoreReflection Paper 1787 Words   |  4 Pages104 Reflection Paper #1 I. Introduction This paper will be written to discuss ideas that have been discussed in Theology 104. This class has covered such a wide range of topics in just the first 4 weeks. The 2 topics I have decided to write about are the importance of personal testimonies and God’s grace. II. Part One a. Theological Definition A testimony is how one person’s Christian walk came to be. They are used to show how someone was saved. It tells about their life experiences as aRead MorePast, Present, and Future: Personal Statement1827 Words   |  7 PagesPast, Present, Future Paper Past, Present, Future Paper Introduction The goal of this essay is to be able to give a reflection on ones professional and personal lives throughout his or her program study at their college of choice. In this paper I will go back and give a full reflection on ones development despite the fact looking at the effects of finishing up the degree program of future and current professional objectives. In this paper, I will argue ones interpretations of learning, effectsRead MoreLsi Paper1065 Words   |  5 Pagesability to engage in self-reflection is a critical leadership skill that is not easily learned yet which reaps many rewards. The LSI enables you to examine your own unique way of thinking and how it influences your behavior. Your Assignment: Complete (on your own) the LSI according to the procedure outlined here, so that you end up with your Life Styles Circumplex profile: 12 personal thinking style scores, one score for each section of the circumplex. Write a 3–5 page paper examining and explainingRead MoreTheory of Writing1719 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom a text message to a novel. Writers often have a difficult task in creating a piece of work that truly identifies the meaning of good writing. Every good writer usually starts with the basics such as genre, audience, rhetorical situation, and reflection of the piece. Throughout this semester, we have gone through all of these key terms in great detail with each new assignment that has come our way. In doing this, not only as students but also as writers, we have come to create our own theory ofRead MoreMy Personal Favorite Communication Learning Goal Essay1729 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The second learning objective we have is Knowledge. Which is my personal favorite communication learning goal. I feel like the majority of the classes i have had in the communication major has taught me something about myself and the world around me. Knowledge means viewing our personal or professional lives through its formalities, symbols, beliefs, assumptions and values. Personal Experience In 2011, I left high school flustered. I did not know were I was headed, I couldn tRead MoreReflection Essay781 Words   |  4 PagesI determined that I needed a new interest, something to keep my mind engaged and challenged. I enrolled in the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) through the Columbia Southern University (CSU) just for fulfillment. This reflection assignment exercise proves to be the catalyst for my future college endeavors. The assignment to reflect on DBA program dreamed of taking steps towards realizing those ideas and course accomplishments right now. Due to time some course assignments, I will embrace,